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Roaring Lion® Energy Drink

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RLED 12 oz. CanTired of paying high prices for Red Bull* or serving poorly formulated bad tasting non-branded local Bag-n-Box alternatives? 
Roaring Lion is YOUR answer.

Donít want to pay in excess of $0.17 per ounce for a mixer? Looking for a larger serving size than 8.4 ounces and a more environmentally friendly (and less costly) solution to throwing out all those cans?
Roaring Lion is YOUR answer. 

Need a branded energy drink product that consumers will pay for (and you will be able to up charge at an additional cost) simply because of their need to see a ready-to-drink product?
Roaring Lion is YOUR answer

As if thatís not enough to convince you to give the Lion a try, weíre ready to prove it to you. We will gladly send you a can of Roaring Lion and a can of Red Bull* free of charge so you can take the Lions Challenge™ for yourself.

RLED 16.9 oz. BottleWe are convinced you will agree with 82% of the Lions Challenge™ participants, who couldnít detect a difference between Roaring Lion energy drink and Red Bull*. And if all this wasnít enough, we have three innovative packaging solutions that will perfectly suit your establishmentís needs - Bag-N-Boxes, 12 oz slimline cans, and 16.9 oz resealable PET bottles - without hitting you where it hurts. Itís no wonder that Roaring Lion is...

#1 Bag-n-Box energy drink in the USA
#2 energy drink in bars and night clubs

Get your energy drink spending out of the red today! We are happy to refer you to a local distributor or support via our Direct Ship Web Program.

Take the Lions Challenge™ today!

RLED Bag-in-a-Box

*Red Bull is a registered trademark of Red Bull, North America.



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